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A place for Canadian asexuals to meet, socialize and discuss. This is a fairly recent website, so it will be constantly updated and new content added.

This website was made by asexuals for asexuals. If you have articles, images, stories and news to contribute please do so by using our contacts page.



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Mailing Lists

Forums now have a feature that allows you to subscribe to meetup notifications in your area.

  • Register at the Forums.
  • Log in, click your name in the upper right corner and choose User Control Panel.
  • In the User Control Panel page choose Usergroups from the menu.
  • In the list of available notifications lists click Select in front of the one you wish to subscribe to.
  • Make sure it says Join selected and click Submit. That's it. You will be receiveing meetup notifications several days prior to a meetup.
  • If you don't see a notification list for your area it means there are no regular meetups.
  • Contact us if you wish to organize meetups in your area, we will set up a notification group list for you.

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Gallery 1

project 1

Pride Parade, June 2012, Toronto. Number of files: 8

Gallery 2

project 2

Nuit Blanche, October 2012, Toronto. Number of files: 19

Video 1

project 3

Nuit Blanche, October 2012, Toronto, City Hall. Number of files: 1

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   December 22, 2012 :: The website has been re-designed and is now fully functional.

   December 16, 2012 :: A new gallery has been added. Go to Gallery 2

   December 12, 2012 :: A new gallery has been added. Go to Gallery 1

   October 04, 2012 :: London, Ontario has been added to notification lists. Go to Forums

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